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PTE an entirely online test conducted on the computer. If your first language is not English, then you are eligible for this test. It is the most reliable test for international students wishing to study Australia, a leading country for globally recognized education.

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Some smart and proactive tips for cracking PTE at one take.

Utilize your time wisely:

It is just a foolishness to over exhaust your mind on a single question and trying to crack it compromising other tasks. You must know how much time to spend on particular question. For instance, spend 1.5 to 2 minutes maximum on doing a single question so that you can give fair chance to every task without wasting mind energy.

Spill up your grammatical skills

This is the time when you can actually implement what you have learnt about practical application of grammar. It turns out ball in your court if you keep on check grammar linkages with sentence sense. It will surely help in making last mile judgment to crack PTE questions

Eliminate the rest to choose the best

Elimination strategy is the best tool to get in touch with the mind set of examiner putting the question. It will work remarkably in choosing one options from multiple type questions. Use logic to eliminate the least expected answer and make a wise click on the correct option.

Boost up your vocabulary to shoot up your marks

It is entirely evident in case of reading that a bit of vocabulary improvement will surely helps you understand the passage more clearly and precisely. However, more critical part of vocabulary learning is the collection of it. As mostly students end up going through irrelevant stuff. Therefore, the preference should be to go with authentic sources like newspaper and magazines, just read and digest and not just cramp.


Do multitasking to attain high score

When it comes to listening, your mind will get little diverted towards what the speaker is saying. Your work must be dedicated to not only listening but taking care of time and managing to write some seconds before the completion of full time. Also, writing what you have heard should be error free and precise depicting the meaning behind the conversation.

Making short notes while listening

Write the main focal points as soon as you start listening to the audio. Carefully listening along with making notes is what will help you to secure good marks and move ahead in a safe zone. In this way you can reconsider what you have listened minutes ago. A careful listening is must in the end.

Do focus on facts and numbers

Your chances of getting the right options will automatically get improve if you specifically keep check on any numbers and facts like year mentioned, date, place or any number of fact. You can add easy score into your basket if you follow this tip honestly.

Pay attention to questions with negative marking

Questions like highlighting incorrect transcripts by listening to the audio have negative markings and you need to be really attentive to what has been not spoken. Follow the reverse policy and make an effort to not get confused with options which seems similar at first instance.

Check spelling matters here

The recording will be played once only, so it is highly important to hear carefully and write correct spell of words. Nowadays, with the usage of slangs and informal vocabulary, students face difficulty in writing even a majorly common word. The best solution is to revise words vocabulary daily either easy or difficult.


Never be too hurry to write

The major mistake students do while attempting the writing task is the improper and haphazard reading of the question for the sake of writing in hurry. It might gives you drastic results if in the end you realize your mistake of writing out of the scope of what has been asked. Always read question 2-3 times to make sure about task response.

Pay attention to instructions well

You must pay extra care when reading the instructions for writing task. First thing to notice is the word limit. Always write within the word limit which is in between 200 to 300 words.

Formal writing is a must

When it comes to writing essay, you must take care about the type of writing you are using to share your views regarding the topic. It must be proper academic formal writing with strict no to any slangs, short forms, and irrelevant vocabulary.

Write neatly to make it visible

Making short paragraphs is a key to score more when it is about PTE writing. Short notes will make examiner easy going to read the stuff. However, you must avoid making bullet points which is not the format to write in PTE writing.


Read aloud and clear

Don’t be too noisy when dealing with speaking tasks. Maintain your pitch and tone. It is advisable to be on high pitch at the start of speaking and consequently neutralizing it at normal level.

Don’t be guilty for your mistakes while speaking

It is entirely true in case of speaking that you should not give a break if you spoke something wrong. Continue to speak till the completion of your task at a single instance.

Give preference to keywords

Always pay attention to keywords while hearing the audio; it will greatly help you in the questions of repeating the sentences. In case you are unable to decodify whole of the audible sentence in a written format, just keep in mind the major keywords with which support you can easily make up the required sentence.

Image describing is an art

When it comes to describing the diagram or image, you must know how to speak up using creative words which acts like icing on the cake. Some words to remember are depicts, illustrate, elucidates etc. Also keep in mind which type of diagram is it. For instance, bar charts, line graph, pie charts are the words to remember.

Use directional vocabulary

The task of delivering a good description of image cannot be fulfilled without the usage of directional vocabulary. Use words like on the right-hand side, on the left hand side, below, on the bottom, above, at the centre. These words will surely help you to make the description proactively good for the examiner’s analysis.


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